Deaf hostess at gathering in Ginza related with her new book: "Talk-in-writing Hostess"

Rie Saito in kimono, with her autobiography

Rie Saito (25) , a Deaf woman who works as a popular hostess at the night club in Ginza, Tokyo, held a handshake gathering that commemorated her new book, titled "The Talk-In-Writing Hostess" (Kobunsha Publishing Co.), for the sale at a coffee shop,"Swan Cafe Ginza," on May 31, 2009.

In the interview by writing, Saito appealed that her charm was a pleasant and expressive personality .

When asked about her ideal image of man, she replied with a pretty smile, "I say in one sentence: a man who stimulates me".

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Charles said...

just want to leave a comment to thank you for persisting in posting. Imagine people from most countries send news to deafread or other aggregators in internet. what a new era for us! Deaf community worldwide united!

and the link below helps us look things ur side if we know the language.

thumbs up. deaf woman write book!

poweron said...

That's often I hear about other country who tell about their living thru being deaf. That's really awesome.