City council introduces interpreting in official meeting

To help the Deaf understand the contents of the assembly, the Okinawa Prefecture Naha City Council decided on June 8, 2009 to introduce an interpreting service in the plenary session. The interpreting will be in the gallery of the Council.

The Naha City Council was the first kind in the prefecture to make the outline of the service to be conducted, which was decided by the unanimous approval from each assembly group.

According to the investigation by the National Association of City Council Chairpersons, located in Tokyo, there are 165, out of the 806 councils nationwide in total, that have introduced the interpreting that hit 20.5%, as of December, 2007.

The interpreting started with individual questions from the assembly members in the meeting on June 9, 2009. A Deaf man (52), who observed the meeting, said, "The Prefecture and other municipalities should provide interpreting, too".

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