"World from Deaf viewpoint", Deaf photographer's works exhibited in Toky

Ryoko Miyamoto
(photo: http://heartfulpower.com/talent_ryoko1.aspx)

"A Pinwheel Of Light", one of her fantastic photographs
displayed at the photograph exhibition.
 (photo: http://jiyugaoka.keizai.biz/)

"Ryoko Miyamoto's Photograph Exhibition" has been held in Tokyo since May 29, 2009.

Born in 1981, she became deaf when she was two years old. She has spent most of life staying at home, rarely going out into town because of fear.

The turning point was five years ago when Miyamoto met a man named Taketa. He was a computer consultant for persons with disabilities. Under his guidance, she came to be interested in the world through a camera.

Miyamoto aimed at becoming a female photographer" since then. She has continued to work with a compact digital camera and the camera contained in the cellular phone with advice from Taketa by sign language

It is the first round photograph exhibition in Tokyo where her ten works related with "Light and Shadow" and "Water and Nature", are shown. Her concept is "a world from a Deaf viewpoint".

The postcards and the framed photographs, both based on her works, are sold at the exhibition.

Some of her works are on the websites:

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