Universal design for the Deaf in railroad station in Yamanashi Prefecture: visual information, etc

Discussing on universal design to be introduced
in the railroad station and library
(photo: http://www.sannichi.co.jp/)

The Yamanashi Universal Design Society and the Yamanashi Prefecture Volunteer Association held the discussion session on the ideal way of the universal design in the Japan Railroad Kofu Station and the new prefecture library at Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture on April 25, 2009.

About 50 Society members attended the meeting. Miyoshi Okamura, Associate professor of the Yamanashi University graduate school and a committee member of the library conference, introduced the outline of the new library maintenance plan, while the Kofu City official explained the station north exit redevelopment plan.

A member of the female department of the Prefecture Architects Association proposed that the universal design should be introduced in order to improve the amenity as the ideal way of the redevelopment of the station.

In the opinion exchange, there was the request from the Deaf group saying "we want you to take the measures such as making a part of the elevator door transparent for the Deaf and to install the text message billboard in the station".

The organizer said that the request and opinions at the meeting would be reported to the prefecture office and concerned organizations.

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