Nagoya Mayor vows to appoint persons with disabilities including the Deaf for better welfare services

Takashi Kawamura, Nagoya mayor
introduces himself in sign language

On May 10 Takashi Kawamura, Nagoya mayor who had been chosen by the election in April, 2009, spoke that he would appoint persons with disabilities as the executive members of the city so that their feedback or opinions might be reflected in the welfare administration.

City officials have already advanced choosing appropriate persons, and are studying whether they would be appointed to the executive post in the healthy welfare bureau or the part-time special government service on policy measures.

The sports event for persons with disabilities opened in Nagoya City. Mayor slowly greeted by sign language, "Good morning. I am Takashi Kawamura". He had practiced hard to sign. He said, "There are points often we don't understand easily without feedback from the persons concerned".

After his speech at the event, Kawamura cited to the reporters that the late Ronald Reagan, former U.S. President, appointed those advocates for the welfare of the disabled in the executive during his governorship in California. Kawamura says, "The persons concerned will be appointed to work at administrative level not only they explain their viewpoints".

One of Mayor's manifest is described clearly that as an umbrella organization under the persons with disabilities appointed, "the citizens conference composed by various individuals is installed". He has an aim of picking up the demands of persons with disabilities.

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Hedy said...

Amazing! I like to get news about Mayor's encouragement Deaf people to work for him. That is a big opportunity for Deaf candidates to get a salary job!


Mr Mayor Kawamura Takashi:

Kindly, if You please,
continue to do Your best for the town in Aichi,
which You have chosen to support and
won landslide re-election victory
on 6 February 2011.

Accept Our Appreciation And Ext/


2014 factual reports re kawamura clans in aichi and tokyo running scams. the schmuck is a cracker jack government dic.