Fire emergency report system for the Deaf through Internet on cellular phone

Recently, a fire and disaster prevention workshop was held at the fire station in Kyoto City. About 20 people including the Deaf participated.

The workshop aimed to offer them to learn how to use the disaster report system, called "Kyoto City Web119," with the use of cellular phone.

Deaf residents and commuters from outside the City are eligible to register for the "Web119" service at the website.

When they inform of a fire or the emergency accident, they use the display and the Internet function in the cellular phone. No voice is necessary.

You click the specific website, and inform the fire central office of the place where you stand. If you aren't familar with the place, you give more information through chat.

Currently 158 individuals have signed up for the "Kyoto City Web119" service as of May 19, 2009.

At the workshop also the visual fire alarm for the Deaf was introduced.

A Deaf woman (71) who participated said, "I can do it at once with the emergency web service. I have explained through gestures or body language up to now".

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