Documentary film on Deaf rock band shown in theaters in Tokyo

"The Rock Revolver," a 90-minute documentary film on the activities of a signing rock band, called "THE BRIGHT EYES," was shown in a theater in Tokyo on May 16, 2009.

"THE BRIGHT EYES" which consists of four Deaf and one hearing members has celebrated the 20th anniversary of establishment last year.

Why was the band formed in spite of deafness?

It would take half a year to remember a song to sing perfectly.

Even finally the band was able to sing in the stage, it would be impossible to hear the audience's cheers and applause. Nor the sounds the band make and the singing voice.

However, the band's live concert would give the audience emotional movement. The members of the band might all have found pleasure for life and overwhelming solitude in power of rock'n'roll.

The documentary shows the musical activities of the signing band who keeps singing and dancing in the stage for freedom no matter how hard the real world is.

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