Deaf visitors rejected by cruise company on tour to ruined island near Nagasaki

The Warship Island (officially Hashi Island),
It is so called because it looks like the one!

Visitors landing on the deserted island

The rule says: "Any person with disability is not allowed to participate in cruising".

There is an island called the Warship Island (officially Hashi Island) apart Nagasaki City, far southern island of Japan. The Island has been devastated since 40 years ago when all the miners and their families moved out to the City or other places for economic reasons.

A marine transporter, called Yamasa Marin Transport that conducts an island trip since April, 2009, has a rule against the persons with disabilities including the Deaf.

Deaf individuals feel frustrated with the rule. The company explains, "Because this visit in the ruin is not safe, any person unable to walk or move alone is not expected to join".

A Deaf person thought that only a person in a wheelchair could not take the trip, and signed up through the Internet. Only he came to the port to find himself rejected.

Masahiro Date, president of the cruise company, Yamasa, says. "We have only six safety staff members with 200 visitors in the cruise. We are not sure if any Deaf customer will return immediately when emergency occurs".

Nagasaki City's Warship Island visit regulation has not installed the landing limitation. A city official stated, "It doesn't mean that any person with disability is discriminated, but anyone who gets dead drunk or puts on high-heeled shoes is not allowed to land, of course".

Currently the City and the cruise company are working on a new landing standard.

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Hello, this item interests me very much. First I didn't know that such a place to remember still existed in Japan. I visited a whole village in France (Oradour sur Glane)where all the inhabitants have been burnt in the church by the Germans. That deaf are not allowed.Well, sadly, this is not the first time, nor the first place.