Deaf students rewarded for their haircut service at facility in Okayama

Deaf student giving a man a haircut at the facility;
Sachiko Hiraoka, a techer (far right)
(photo: )

It was decided that the haircut department in the advanced course of the Okayama School for the Deaf in Okayama Prefecture would receive the commendation from the Japanese Beneficence Association located in Tokyo for the haircut service in a welfare facility that has continued for 35 years.

The approach to make the best use of the skills the Deaf students had acquired to contribute in the local community was evaluated.

The students and the teacher are happy, so enthusiastic that they would work harder in the future.

The haircut service was started in May, 1974. The Deaf students visit the support facility for persons with disabilities in Okayama City once a month, and spend a few hours on haircuts for the facility residents.

Sachiko Hiraoka (59), a certified barber herself and teacher who has led since the beginning of the haircut service, said, "The Deaf students would usually think it natural that people around do everything for them until they started a volunteering activity.

They feel proud to serve other people through the haircut service, and their motivation for professionalism and independence develops, too".

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