Deaf nightclub hostess writes autobiography, "The Hostess Talks In Writing"

Rie Saito with her new book

Rie Saito (25) wrote an autobiography titled "Hostess Talks In Writing," which was published on May 21, 2009.

She who became deaf when she was about two years old because of sickness, was the popular hostess at a nightclub in Ginza, a Tokyo downtown.

The book is about how she fought to reach the top as a bar hostess.

Excerpted from the interview with Rie Saito:

She was born and brought up by her strict parents in Aomori Prefectre, far northern part of the main land of Japan.

She was one of the worst girls in the prefecture later. So many troubles caused by being deaf forced her gradually drop from the normal life, drinking liquor, smoking and stealing things.

Finally what she found a job for living was in a nightclub in Ginza, Tokyo. She fought hard to become to one of the best hostesses only through writing.

She passed the trap in a lot of worlds of the night by skillfully using the note pad and the pen on hand. Some guests might feel comfortable in communicating with her.

She earned much more than other hostesses, and came to be called, "the hostess with the pad and pen".

As her future goal, she wants to go to study in Hawaii. "I want to study a course related to esthetics and beauty in an environment friendly to persons with disabilities".

Her eyes sparkled when she said about the future, "I want to save money and own a beauty shop".

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Deaf258 said...

I am very curious to read that book! Is the book only in Japanese? I think her book will sell very well if it was translated to other languages. I'd be first in line to buy the English version!

Thanks for sharing this interesting tidbit!

Vladimir said...

Interesting. Would love to read this book.

florizza.reyes said...

She's really beautiful. I also wish I could read that book. She seems really inspirational since I just recently watched Hitsudan Hostess (the TV special).