"The Deaf Day 2009" to be held in Tokyo in July, 2009

D PRO, a JSL advocate group established in 1993, will held "The Deaf Day 2009" at Nakano Ward, Tokyo on July 18-19, 2009 since the last event 8 years ago.

As for the theme, it is planned to examine what D PRO has achieved for 18 years".

The following special keynote speeches are scheduled as part of the program.

1. "Deaf Movement in Japan"
Mr. Toshisaburo Ishino, vice president of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf

2. "Past and Future of the Deaf Community in Japan that I witnessed: Changes in 1994-2009"
Ms. Leslie C. Greer, ASL Department Chair, Mt. San Jacinto Community College, CA, USA

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