Smelling alarm unit developed to save Deaf persons from the fire

The spray (center), filled with the smell like wasabi or the horseradish, is put in a right case and synchronizes with the fire-alarm device for the house (left).

The alarm unit that cautions the Deaf by the horseradish-like smell when a fire is perceived was donated to the prefectural school for the deaf in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecutre on April 25, 2009.

A company called Shimusu in Tokyo that develops products with various kinds of the smell, and the Air Water Disaster Prevention in Kobe City that manufactures and sells the fire-extinguisher system developed the new alarm unit jointly.

The smell is made of the painful element contained in the horseradish, which can be noticed even if one is asleep.

Representatives of the two companies visited the school and handed the product to the principal and others on the day. It is installed in the dormitory where ten Deaf children live.

Kayoko Miyazaki (57), the mother of a 9th grader who lives in the dormitory attended the donating event as a parent representative. She said, "My son puts his hearing aid off before going to bed. I am relieved that not only seeing but also smelling will save him".

The alarm unit is about 50,000 yen together with the fire-alarm device for the house. The can of spray filled with 35ml is gushed for one time.

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