School that educates Deaf children calls for more donations to set up junior high school

Fundraising on the street

The Meisei School, a kind of charter school for the Deaf located in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, is making efforts to fundraising to set up the junior high school that educate Deaf children in Japanese Sign Language.

The donations of about 20 million yen equivalent to 2/3 of the target capital have already gathered by the parents and guardians' calling.

The deadline of the application for the junior high school establishment to get registered by the Tokyo government is June, 2009.

The school officials and concerned parties say that they are trying to collect 10 million yen that remains by all means by the deadline.

The mother of a Deaf boy says, "My son understands most easily in JSL that is his first language". The boy would be in the first year at the junior high school in spring next year if granted. He is worried saying, "Study becomes difficult in the junior high school, too. I feel it difficult to learn the words that are not JSL".

The capital to establish the junior high school is worth 30 million yen. It was found out last December that the sum of about 20 million yen gathered through the campaign was not enough.

The time left for the application deadline is about two months. A desperate calling continues.

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