Deaf theatrical group starts training course on acting in Tokyo

The Japanese Theater of the Deaf (JTD), located in Tokyo, is starting the training course for new starters at 19:00-21:00 eight times in total from April to June, 2009.

The goal of each workshop led by the JTD members:

The student learns the basic knowledge concerning the JTD such as the origin of the theatrical company, etc. He introduces himself and learns how to express the body movement.

2nd time:
The student understands the background, the place and characters, and how the story is made, etc. by using the scenario. He learns not only the lines but also the expression from the inner feeling.

The student learns the body expression and acting while translating from the lines.

The student experiences the world of signed traditional play with the use of a pair of tabi, Japanese ancient socks.

The students learns the foundation of the body-making. Not "beauty" of a stage alone but "beauty" of daily life is pursued.

Based on a different scenario respectively, the team of a few students work together on directing and acting, and present their final work.

The student learns how to express various images requested in the stage through the body movement.

And the final:
The student learns sign mime.

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