Deaf interpreter training program starts in May, 2009

The Tokyo Federation of the Deaf (TFD) has offered Deaf persons who wished to become an interpreter the training course since 2005. Some of them who completed it stood interpreting in the stage during the ceremony of the Tokyo Conference.

The trained Deaf interpreters have been involved in the interpreting services for the DeafBlind and for the Deaf foreigners beside the ceremony of the local conference. Yet there are needs for story telling in sign language, the teamwork with the hearing interpreters and the like.

The preparatory committee on the Deaf interpreter team was set up in 2008 aiming at making the team formal after 2009.

The TFD Sign Language Project Committee and the preparatory committee will hold the training program and workshop for the Deaf interpreters again. It will start in May, 2009 and continue on the weekends for about a year.

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