Workshop on court system: communication is a big issue


The workshop that focused on the case that the hard of hearing participate the lay judges system was held in the city welfare center at Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture on March 1.

Sumiko Ikemoto, judge from the Utsunomiya District Court Criminal Investigation Division, explained that arrangements of note takers, etc. necessary for the hard of hearing would be done by the District Court.

This workshop was a part of "The Annual 26th Ears Festival" organized by the Tochigi Prefecture Association of the Later Deafened and Hard of Hearing. About 50 people, including the members, participated.

How much can the content of the trial and the meeting be understood when the hard of hearing were selected a lay judge? The participants' concern concentrated on interpreting and its problems.

Judge Ikemoto described about interpreting and note taking, saying "The Court will contract". Also she requested any hard of hearing persons who were chosen as a candidate and receive the court notice on the final selection procedure should tell the Court about the necessary communication method.

Moreover, to the question that the discussions in court and the meeting are too fast to follow even through interpreting, the judge answered, "We will consider the speed of discussions can be slow downed".

Shunzo Aoyagi (54), president of the Association, said, "The communication method at the trial has not been established. We want the Court to continue thinking seriously about this".

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