Local circle for DeafBlind formed for independence and social participation

"The Yamato Circle", a new group for the DeafBlind living in Nara Prefecture, held a commemorative rally for its establishment in Kashihara City on February 22. About 250 people participated.

Kiyoshi Tatsugashira, President, gave a speech. He signed, "We are glad to set up the 39th circle in the whole country at last. Let us unite in hands forward to independence and the social participation of the DeafBlind."

Dr. Satoru Fukushima, a Tokyo University professor, gave a keynote speech, titled "Live a life as a DeafBlind person". He lost the sight at the age of nine, and later lost hearing at the age of 18. He explained about difficulties in living, and the necessary support from the surroundings.

Dr. Fukushima gave an example, saying when his back was suddenly patted by a person he would get surprised because of his disabilities. He introduced a way that a concerned person sends the DeafBlind the wind by paper, informing him that someone is near.

Moreover, he advised, "When you want to help the DeafBlind about interpreting, aids, etc., it is better to discuss with the Deafblind than learn and remember all the things written in the textbook or manual."

The Circle members, including the DeafBlind and supporters, are about 30 people in total. It aims the fellowships among the members, the information gathering, and the cooperation with the circles across the nation, and training of the interpreters and those who help, etc.

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Christine said...

wow! this sounds very interesting! i am deafblind and i was born in canada but work in africa helpijng deafblind and disabled nigerians.
thank you for sharing this!

cheers, coco