Leadership workshop of interpreters and note-takers for national sports meets of persons with disabilities

The 11th national sports event for persons with disabilities will be held in Yamaguchi Prefecture, a western part of Japan, in 2011.

The workshop took up in Yamaguchi City on March 22, 2009 and about 110 parties concerned participated. The workshop was intended for the leaders of "communication support volunteers" who would provide with interpreting and note-taking, and persons who wish to become the leader.

The organizer will start recruitment of about 600 volunteers necessary in the next sports event in Yamaguchi around this June. "We need a manpower to support the event for the success".

The participants were divided into two groups of interpreters and note-takers respectively. There were lectures by those who summarized the volunteer activities at the sports event that had been held in Oita Prefecture last October.

Keiko Ikebe, the head of the Oita Prefecture branch of the National Note Taking Issues Study Group said, "Our activities last year led to the enlightenment of note-takers. I want you to work hard. Also don't forget to enjoy it with a smile".

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