Hearing university to set up disability office to secure the educational right of Deaf students, etc.

Miyagi University of Education will set up an "Office to support the students with disabilities" in April when an academic fiscal year starts.

More and more students with disabilities are being enrolled in colleges/universities across Japan, and many of the higher education institutions are in trouble to meet their needs.

The University officials explained, "Our university will play the role model in supporting the students with the disabilities. The University had 16 students who were disabled for the fiscal year 2008 ending in March; 8 Deaf students, 5 students who were physically impaired, and one student with visual impairment, etc.

In the disability office, the coordinator and the clerk will respond to the student's needs. The task force corresponding to the disability type is set up to examine a necessary help plan for the student.

Miyagi University of Education has started a "project to support the academic activities for the students with disabilities" in fiscal year 2004, working on the appropriately educational environment in cooperation with a volunteer group.

For the Deaf students who were dominant in the group of the students with disabilities, note-taking, interpreting and the voice recognition interpreting that converts the voice of a lecturer into text were provided.

Vice President Kosuke Takahashi of Miyagi University of Education said, "The university has an obligation to secure the right of the students with disabilities to receive the education as a teacher training university that covers all disability area. We want to accumulate the know-how of the student support, and to spread it".

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