Hearing aid center calls for old hearing aids to be contributed to developing countries

The Chugoku Hearing Aid Center in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture has continued its campaign to send the hearing aids to the deaf children in the developing countries since 1995. Commemorating the Day of the Ear on March 3 this year, it is calling for the donation of hearing aids that already became useless at home.

In the developing countries, the hearing aid is very expensive and very difficult for the family having the deaf children to obtain.

The Chugoku Hearing Aid Center has collected old hearing aids by the donation, and then repaired it before sending to the developing countries such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, and Bangladesh through the NGO group.

The Center sent 86 hearing aids last year, and the total number of hearing aids that had been sent to the developing countries reached 309 since its campaign started.

The Center spokesperson said any hearing aid that did not function no longer would be accepted. Even a box type of hearing aids that are rare in Japan and ear-behind hearing aids are welcome.

The deadline for contribution is the end of March, by a means of sending through postal mail or bringing directly to the Center.

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