Emergency rescue arriving 1 hour later after Deaf man's request for help

According to Yokohama City officials, a Deaf man faxed to the fire fighting command center saying that his wife fell down at home with unconsciousness, but his urgent request was unnoticed for 40 minutes and the rescue service was delayed for about one hour.

The reason for delay was that the buzzer that informed the staff of the fax arrival was out of order. Fortunately when the rescue team arrived, the wife has recovered.

The Deaf man requested the ambulance by using the fax line only for the Deaf as soon as he found his wife who prepared supper falling in the kitchen at home in Yokohama City around 5:00 pm on March 14. The buzzer did not ring, and no one was noticed it at the fire fighting command center.

After he waited for 40 minutes for the response, the Deaf man used another fax line. When the fax was sent, the staff noticed because the buzzer rang. It is said that the staff checked the ring on that day, and the buzzer rang.

The City Safety Director said "We will make sure that all the staff certainly check the receptions via fax so that this should never happen again".

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