Deaf woman working for hearing kids at nursery center

In connection to the "Day of the Ear" on March 3, the Kitakyushu City Association of the Late Deafened and Hard of Hearing held a meeting on March 8 . About 100 people gathered.

At the meeting, Sachiko Uchida (54), a board member of the Association, gave a speech on her own experience as a deaf nursery teacher. Note taking through the overhead projector was provided.

When she was 27 years old, her hearing decreased. She said she was unable to hear even with the hearing aid since three years ago.

Uchida felt lost and that she hardly might play the role of a nursery teacher who is responsible for the life of young children. Also it was hard for her to follow the discussions or chatting with her colleagues, and to communicate with the parents or guardians. Uchida felt left out that made her feel unstable.

However, with her doctor's encouragement, she has been willingly tried to tell the people around her what she can do and her wish to work. She keeps asking them to put down what they say. "I have a pen and memo with me all time".

"It is impossible for me to hear the children crying or having a fit of coughing. So I am always in the place where I can see every child. Though I feel nervous, their growth is something for me to live".

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