Deaf students strive to keep the name of their beloved school

Deaf students ask for sign-up to suppor their effort

The Oita Prefecture goverment is considering the change of the name of the special support school, affected by the revision of the national educational system.

The student government, consisted of the students enrolled in the high school division and the advanced course at the prefecture school for the deaf in Oita City, did the signature activity opposed the school name change on February 11, 2009.

The reorganization of the special support school, the school for the blind, and the school for the deaf is expected in around fiscal year 2012.

As for the school for the deaf, the new establishment of the vocational training department intended for the students with intellectual disability is scheduled in fiscal year 2011, and the school name change will be due accordingly.

Four representatives of the student government visited the Prefecture Social Welfare Hall where a New Year's Day party for the Deaf took place, and asked the participants for cooperation in their efforts.

The representatives also plan to visit other schools for their understanding and cooperation to collect signature in the future. They say, "We love our school. We want to keep the name of the school for the Deaf that has existed since 100 years ago, forever."

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