Deaf student successfully admitted to hearing university and awarded by local board of education

The graduation ceremony was held at Osaka Prefectural Daisen Special Support High School for the Deaf, located in Sakai City, on March 6, 2009.

Kazuki Fujii (18), a senior in the general education course, who passed the admission examination of Wakayama University, received the commendation from the Osaka Prefecture Board of Education. He was evaluated that he has gotten over deafness and continued studying for exam.

Fujii says that he often explained to the classmates about what was taught in the class because he was able to hear the nearby sound with the hearing aid after he entered the high school. Therefore, he became interested in teaching things to a person, and came to aim at being a teacher at a support school for the Deaf.

As soon as he was a senior, to enter a university and to realize the dream, he began studying for exam.

He had a hard time to remember the accent of English words. He studied and memorized for one hour in one way from his home in Kishiwada City by the train while going to school.

He was recommended by the school to get the entrance exam of Wakayama University Department of Education in February this year. And he passed. They say, "It may be the first time that a Deaf student to be admitted at the university".

After the graduation ceremony, Fujii talked about his ambition. "I feel totally grateful for my parents and the teacher who supported me through in the hardship. I want to make a sign language circle at the university, and to learn about deafness for obtaining the license to teach at support schools for the Deaf".

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