Deaf movie preview in Tokyo late March

Her Imperial Highness Akishinonomiya Kiko
speaking in sign language (second from left)

Eriko Imai and her co-star
who acted her Deaf boyfriend in the movie

A movie, titled "The Transfer Leaves", was produced in commemorative of the 60th anniversary of establishment of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf. A preview of the movie was held in Tokyo on March 28, 2009.

Kentaro Hayase, a Deaf man, directed the movie last year. The theme was about the life of a Deaf man who fought against discrimination. The opening of the movie to the public is scheduled for the middle of June this year in Japan.

Eriko Imai (25), a hearing singer, attended the preview along with Hayase and others concerned. In the movie she acted the Deaf man's hearing girlfriend who supported him.

Imai said in sign language, "In the movie, an important thing for living is drawn". She is striving to bringing up her son Raimu (4), who was born Deaf.

Her Imperial Highness Akishinonomiya Kiko (42), the wife of the Crown Prince's brother, was invited to attend. She is familiar with sign language.

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RLM said...

Congratulations to every of you involved with the production of the deaf Japanese film which we could be proud of.

*Bowing head*

What a surprise for Princess being familar with JSL (Japanese Sign Language).

*waving hands to the Imperial Japanese Royalty for embracing the beauty and diversity of Japanese society*

Robert L. Mason

Deaf Japan News said...

How has Princess Kiko been involved in the Japanese Deaf community? Click the following link in my blog:

Miss Eman said...

will the movie to screen in other countries?

from Singapore

Deaf Japan News said...

Probably not unless the movie has English captioned. You could contact the Japanese Federation of the Deaf for more information. Their e-mail address is:

nina said...

Congrat! they can do successful.... i hope they will aware and watch your Deaf Japanese film soon.
here bowing c",)

Nina D. Mariano (from Philippines and am Deaf)