Deaf festival to promote deaf awareness held in Kyoto Prefecture


The date of March 3rd sounds like "mimi" in a way which means the ears in Japanese. Also the date was the birthday of Alexander G. Bell, whom the Japanese Deaf Community regards a great American for his contribution to the development of deaf education. And a festival to celebrate the Ear Day" are annually held by many deaf organizations across the Japan.

To promote deaf awareness in society, the 35th annual Deaf festival took place in the Kyoto Industrial Hall in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture on March 1, 2009 when matched to "the Day of the Ear". It was sponsored by a group called "The Network To Build A Rich Living For The Deaf".

At the ceremony that 1000 people or more attended, it was confirmed that the organizational efforts to improve the life of the Deaf would be continued further. There was a regional report on the annual activity by each group from five areas in Kyoto Prefecture.

Moreover, 28 groups set up booths to sell materials such as handmade craft goods and old clothes.

Prior to the the ceremony, 200 persons and parties concerned paraded from Oike Ohashi Bridge to the venue, requesting the prefecture officials to budget back to support the purchase of hearing aids, and the others.

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