Deaf children enjoy concert offered by hearing students

(above) Hearing bras band club members sign lyrics during performance
(below) Deaf children experience drumming

Hearing bras band club members of the Fukuoka High School, located in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture visited the Takaoka School for the Deaf on March 16, and offered to hold the concert.

Members of the Bras Band Club visit the School for the Deaf every year since nine years ago so that the Deaf children could enjoy music. This day 50 hearing members sang in sign language and danced with five popular songs such as theme songs of Disney movies and animated movie titled "Ponyo on the cliff".

About 20 Deaf students from the kindergarten through high school levels sang in sign language while the club members played. After the concert, they experienced playing the drum and the glockenspiel in music with the help from the members.

Chiyoko Nara (17), a club leader and sophomore, said, "I was glad that the Deaf students were responsive to our play by clapping and by singing in sign language. The concert went well in warm atmosphere".

Akitada Arayama(16), a student representative from the Deaf School, expressed gratitude saying that he indeed enjoyed a lot of well known tunes the hearing students played".

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