Deaf actress to present signing musical in hometown in April

Hiroe Ohashi, Deaf actress

Hiroe Ohashi (37), a Deaf actress, will present a signing musical, titled "Call Me A Hero", in Saga Prefecture on April 12, 2009.

She found the pleasure in self-expression through sign language and dancing, and made a play that depicted her own life leading to the stage activities. She appeals for the importance of the belief in the dream and living what you are.

In her childhood, Ohashi was trained by her mother to speak like a hearing person. She attended a hearing high school and aimed to become a beautician, which she gave up because of deafness.

When she worried about the barrier in communications, John Lennon's song "Imagine" was come across. She said later that the song entered her heart despite she did not understand the melody.

She left the company and entered "the world of self-expression" such like the productions of a signing musical and an independent movie, etc.

Ohashi was chosen to play a Sara in "Children of a Lesser God", a Japanese production of the Haiyu-za Theater in 1999. The next year she visited the U.S. to study acting and dancing, and expanded her theatrical activities such as the formation of the Signing Singing Unit after returning to Japan.

She also published the autobiography, titled 'I Thought That the Voice Was Already Unnecessary', in 2004, from which a signing play was adapted two years later.

In the play there were four Deaf dancers among 15 dancing members. The beauty of the sign language was demonstrated by facial expressions to show the feelings, the rhythmical movements of the upper-body with the throb feeling overflowed. The subtitle was put up for the persons who did not know the sign language.

Ohashi says, "I am very happy to present the musical in the hometown at the turning point of ten years of my activities. I strongly believe that communications are carried out by not only the words but also the hearts that meet each other. I want to tell the people to remove all the barriers".

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