Deaf drum group performs in Shinto shrine for New Year

Before dawn on January 1, a Japanese Deaf drum group, called "Koryukai," dedicated the drum performance in Mishima Shrine in Shikoku Chuo City, Ehime Prefecture. (photo: Ehime Shimbun)

"Koryukai" is the only Japanese Deaf drum group in Shikoku Island, formed in 1987.

Yasufumi Ishikawa (55), one of the group members, had seen the performance of the local drum preservation group in the Shinto shrine. The vibration of the drum that sounded in the body was like a clock when he lived in the dormitory of the school for the deaf.

He thought even if it would not possible for the Deaf to hear the sound, they could perform the drum, and called his friends to form the drum group.

Source Ehime Shimbun, Jan. 1, 2009
Japanese edition and the photo included:

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