A vlog earns high popularity in the Deaf community

A vlog titled "The Man on Monday" that the Shizuoka Prefecture Association of the Deaf runs as a part of its official site is very popular.

The website is:

There are topics on the left side.

Kozo Morisaki (46), the Deaf owner of a barbershop, introduces the work of every day and the communication with the family in the comic monologue style in JSL. (see the photo on the link below)

Even "The Man on Monday" fan club has been formed in Osaka Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture and others because "The comic monologue is interesting," "The vlog is a good material to learn JSL," etc.

Morisaki narrates in JSL for a few minutes in the vlog, updated weekly.

Here are examples; he did a haircut too much on the forelock of the female customer who slept; the wife tried to conceal the hole in a black trouser by painting black on the hole with the felt-tipped marker. The summary of each content is captioned.

The Association started up the official site in June, 2003. In order to get a person unfamiliar with sign language interested, the vlog that would offer a familiar topic in the sign language was planned in May, 2006.

Because he had a sense of humor and a charm in which every one would be attracted, Morisaki was requested appearance.

"The Man on Monday" was titled indicating the regular holiday of the barber shop. Morisaki said, "The knack of making the person laugh I use a lot of gesture, facial expressions and anything that conveys the message."

The vlog became known gradually by the rumor after having started on the official site, and the number of totaling accesses went up to 130,000 or more in over two years.

It also became so popular that Morisaki was asked to give a lecture at a local lecture meeting.

Morisaki has to give an anecdote every week. "I feel stressed if there is no material. When I make a story out from a piece of my family life, I will be scorned. Honestly it is hard and serious." He smiles wryly.

However, he got a lot of acquaintances across Japan through the vlog. He said, "Now this time is the happiest though I had have a difficult life. I want to tell all the people nationwide that there is such a happy moment to enjoy JSL, too."

Source: Mainichi Shimbun, Dec. 10, 2008
Japanese edition:

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