Osaka mayor hospitalized for "sudden deafness

On December 4, Mayor Kunio Hiramatsu (60) in Osaka City said that he was diagnosed as "sudden deafness." He is unable to hear with an ear.

Hiramatsu will be hospitalized in Osaka Prefecture for four days until December 7, 2008 because of the rest and treatment. He has canceled official duties. The cause is uncertain, and the treatment method has not been identified for this disease either.

It was early November, according to Hiramatsu, when the symptom appeared first. His right ear suddenly lost hearing and he received the examination in the hospital and the administering treatment occasionally. The high fever of about 39 ゜C caused by the side effect of the medicine, and he did not feel well. If he doesn't pick up, he says, he will test new treatment while being hospitalized.

The sudden deafness is one of the specified diseases that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare specifies. The ministry research group found out through the investigation in 2001 that there are 35,000 patients a year who receive treatment across country due to this disease.

A popular singer Ayumi Hamasaki became a sudden deafness in January, 2007, having made it public got into the news.

Source: Sankei Shimbun Dec. 4, 2008
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