Deaf professional wrestlers entertaining in Kobe City

A Deaf professional wrestling group, called "Toromon JAPAN," which is located in Tokyo will hold the professional wrestling event in Kobe City on December 25, 2008.

The mike appeal. etc. in sign language are devised. Magnum TAKASAGO (real name Kazuyoshi Keduka) (28), the born Deaf wrestler representing the group, is enthusiastic about the event. "We want to show that the spectator can be able to be amused even by the Deaf, and to give the persons with disabilities the dream and courage."

Keduka loves to watch the professional wrestling games. Since the school days, he had wanted to have his own professional wrestling group some time. "I wanted to appeal that it was possible to do even by the Deaf." Keduka followed hearing professional wrestling groups across the country, watched them play, and studied how to carry out the activities and performances.

The Deaf wrestling group was formed in November, 2006. It currently has 19 Deaf men and women aged between twenties and forties. They work or do the routine things on the weekday, and practice in the gym in Saitama Prefecture on the weekend.

The upcoming event will show the hot games with the variety of techniques as well as the comedy-like performances so that the adults and the children may enjoy it.

The third event after the group was formed was held in Tokyo in February this year, attracting about 950 people. This gave Keduka confidence. He believed, "If I do it, I can."

This time, together three games of in total by a man and woman's single match each and one game by four wrestlers for the remaining war.

The sign language circle for hearing students in Kobe City helps with the guide in the seat and progress. Deaf children will be invited, and the stocking filling by the wrestlers is also planned.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun, December 24, 2008
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