Deaf professional baseball player vows to continue to play

Yuya Ishii (27), a professional pitcher of the Yokohama baseball team vowed that he would play again as a new patron saint.

He had the contract renewal and won the yearly pay valued 30 million yen in total, added by 13 million yen, on December 4, 2008.

He says, "I was asked to be the stopper by my coach Sugimoto at the autumn camp. I have feelings that I want to do it."

Ishii was transferred from the Chunichi baseball team by the trading in June, and played the 35 games, the largest number that he has ever played for the Yokohama baseball team. He made the highest result in earned run average 2.38 in the fourth year.

Ishii was born hard of hearing and attended a mainstream program. He was a baseball team member through the school years. He plans to shortly visit the special support school in Yokosuka where the deaf children attend.

He laughed with a smile after he said, "If the kids see me as their role model, I would be very delighted."

Source: Nikkan Sports, Dec. 4, 2008
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