Deaf man practices hard to become a professional drummer

Toshiyuki Ajiki (46), a Deaf man with weak sight who lives in Matsue City in a western part of Japan, played the drum performance at a regional conference for the DeafBlind in Matsue City held on November 15-16, 2008. (See the photo on the link below)

He is now enthusiastic, saying "I want to continue the effort to go professional."

Ajiki joined a club for the DeafBlind which was formed three years ago. When he learned the regional meeting would be held in the city last May, he thought of something he could do, and decided to challenge the drum which he had yearned .

He was afraid if he would be refused due to the disabilities when he visited the music studio. They told him, "No matter how much you can hear, you will certainly feel the sound by vibrations with the body."

The music score was copied onto the expansion. Ajiki received a lesson for 30 minutes three times every month with interpreting. He single-mindedly learnt how to interpret the music score and the meaning of the note first.

He had a hard time in how to take the rhythm. He was taught that three group notes were counted by tapping in sign language, and that the bass drum was hit with the first note.

At the regional meeting, Ajiki splendidly performed on stage. Big applause was given to him. His parents, friends and a lot of participants told him how much they were impressed with the wonderful performance.

Ajiki said, "I accomplished because I had the goal to play the drum on stage though I sometimes wanted to stop. You cannot make good music without any efforts." He will continue to practice hard to become a professional drummer in the future.

Source: Sannin Chuo Shinpo, Dec. 15, 2008
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