Deaf Japanese History: 1970's

- Training program for voluntary interpreters starts.

- First interpreter placed at welfare office in Kyoto.

- JFD Deaf Youth Division holds first national committee meeting in Kamakura.

- 19th JFD national conference held in Tokyo with 2,000 participants.

- JFD Deaf Youth Division holds first national meeting with 360 participants during JFD national conference.

- JFD head office forced out of Bell Welfare Center.

- Deaf person fired sues employer, publisher, for discrimination.

- Ministry of Education outlines new curriculum for children with disabilities including deaf at elementary level.

- Captioned film library services start in Tokyo.

- Ministry of Home Affairs confirms to reimburse fees for interpreting at election campaigns.

- National Institute for Special Education opens in Yokosuka.

- JFD publishes 2nd book on JSL.

- 20th JFD national conference held in Okayama with 2,000 participants.

- JFD head office opens in Shinjuku after having been moved from Osaka.

- WFD holds 6th World Congress in Paris.

- First national meeting of deaf women held in Kyoto with 600 participants.

- Sunday classes start for deaf adults for promoting social integration.

- Trial on driving license lost and appeals to hight court.

- JFD publishes 3rd book on JSL.

- Shunsuke Itoh, teacher of deaf children and interpreter, wirtes "Deaf Issues and Deaf Movements" for publication.

- 21st JFD national conference held in Nagano with 2,500 participants.

- Tokyo forms Tokyo Metropolitan Association for Dispatching Interpreters and funds its service fully.

- Shizuoka TV station provides first interpreting in TV programs.

- Committee set up for revising of Traffic Law that prohibits deaf persons to drive, and 30,000 signatures collected to appeal to Diet for right to drive.

- Police office confirms right of the deaf to obtain driving license with use of hearing aid.

- 22nd JFD national conference held in Osaka with 3,000 participants.

- Junichi Tsuchiya elected to JFD presidency.

- Japanese team wins 9 gold medals and 4 silver medals at 12th WGD in Sweden.

- Interpreters form organization to review issues on interpreting services.

- Fukui School for the Deaf refused participation in national baseball games, later approved.

- 23rd JFD national conference held in Aomori with 1,500 participants.

- JFD publishes 4th book on JSL.

- Ministry of Health and Welfare starts interpreting workshops for social workers.

- Ministry of Labor decides to publish a list of employers unwilling to hire persons with disabilities.

- Eiichi Takada, JFD Secreary General, addresses at session of Lower House Budget Committee on Article 11 of the Civil Law and other Deaf issues.

- 24th JFD national conference held in Nagoya with 3,000 participants.

- JFD forms Deaf Women Section.

- Japanese delegation to 7th WFD World Congress in Washington, D.C.

- JFD relocates its head office in Tokyo.

-JFD begins giving certification exams for sign language interpreters.

-JFD starts campaign to collect signatures of approval on four major issues: 1) revision of Traffic Law for granting of driver's licenses;
2) revision of Civil Law Article 11;
3) official recognition and support for Sign Language interpreting service systems; and
4) establishment of center for deaf people or those who have speaking impediments.

-JFD publishes quarterly magazine named "The Deaf Movement."

- JFD commissioned by Ministry of Health and Welfare to establish sign interpreter instructors' training program and to conduct studies on standardization of Japanese Sign Language.

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