Real-time captioning system newly developed for Deaf students at hearing universities in remote places

Tsukuba University of Technology, where students who are sight impaired or Deaf/hard of hearing are enrolled, and Logoswear, Co. , both located in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, has developed the real-time captioning system for Deaf/hard of hearing students in hearing universities in the remote place.

The spoken language of a lecturer are converted into textual information in real time with a computer, which is presented to the students.

In around the middle of January, 2009, the system will be distributed free of charge to educational institutions and groups across the country that support Deaf or hard of hearing students. The workshop will be provided, too.

In the class the Deaf/hard of hearing students depend on the specialists who convert a lecturer's spoken language into textual information with a computer. The textual information is projected onto the screen or the display of the personal computer.

However, a large of number of the specialists who have a knowledge of engineering and science live in the metropolitan area including Tokyo. So the large load of time and the high cost to send the specialists to the provinces are required.

This time, the system, called "UDP Connector," connects the hearing universities and the office in a big city where the specialist are in service by using the Internet, thus offering support to the Deaf/hard of hearing students in the class in a remote place.

About 1,300 Deaf/hard of hearing students attend hearing universities or colleges in Japan.

Source:Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nov. 26, 2008
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