Deaf and sign language circles enjoying anniversary of establishments

The Asahikawa Association of the Deaf, an organization of the deaf in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, celebrated its 60th anniversary since establishment with Asahikawa Sanshin-kai, an organization of 9 sign language circles in the city which was established 40 years ago. They made 100 years old in total and held the commemorative ceremony in the hall in the city on October 26th, 2008.

The Asahikawa Association of the Deaf, established in 1948, has made efforts toward the citizens course that trains the interpreters, as well as the movement to improve the legal system such like the acquisition of the driving license for the Deaf, etc. The members are about 180.

Asahikawa Sanshin-kai, formed in 1968, has about 170 members who are not only deaf persons and teachers of the deaf, but also housewives and company employees. The group holds the fellowship exchange program for the sign language circles, and support the interpreter training course.

On the special occasion, the officers from both the organizations made a vow. "We will work in cooperation in order to make the society so that deaf persons would not have to be worried about deafness in daily life."

Katsuya Nozawa, chairman of the Kanagawa Prefectural Integrated Welfare Association of the Deaf, gave a keynote lecture on sharing of the Deaf and interpreters as the theme.

Source: Hokkaido Shimbun, Oct. 27, 2008
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