Group representing persons with disabilities met with governor on self-reliance support and welfare

Representatives of the Nagano Prefecture Council of Promotion for the Social Participation of Persons with Disabilities met with Governor Murai in the prefectural government office on November 10.

They demanded support for self-reliance and the enhancement of the welfare for the persons with disabilities. (See the photo in the link below)

Chairman Shimizu of the Council mentioned the plan of the prefecture middle term which includes promotion of the regional shift of the persons who reside in the facilities, etc., and demanded that "measures should be made so that they truly feel comfortable in living in the region."

Moreover, as well as the communication issue for the persons with disabilities at the disaster, enactment of an ordinance that prohibits discrimination against the persons with disabilities and more employment, etc. were requested.

Each representative of the Welfare Association of the Persons with Sight Impairment and the Deaf Association, which are the member groups of the Council, requested that the Nagano School for the Blind, Nagano School for the Deaf, and Matsumoto School for the Deaf should remain as a single school.

One of the people present at the meeting pointed out, "There are a lot of people, who were not able to marry in the age when persons with disabilities were faced strong discrimination, are 70 or 80 years old now, having lived alone, too. A facility for them should be set up."

The governor promised that the prefecture would try to do more to protect the rights of the persons with disabilities, secure more jobs, and develop disaster measures.

He was very careful about a discrimination ordinance, saying that he believed as the Juvenile Protection Ordinance the people in the prefecture were aware and would work in cooperation.

As for the schools, the officials said, "It is important to gain understanding among the parties concerned in order to advance."

Source: Shinano-Mainichi Shimbun, Nov.11, 2008
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