Fire rescue training at the Deaf school in Japan

There was rescue training on assumption of the occurrence of a fire in the Prefectural Matsuyama School for the Deaf (41 Deaf children enrolled) in Matsuyama City on November 6.

About 215 people in total, including the Deaf children, residents and the staff from the Matsuyama City Central Fire Station, participated. Persons who acted like injured ones were treated with sign language; Deaf children who left behind were rescued, etc.

A red lamp flashed at once in every classroom. Also the teachers interpreted the emergency announcement via the school speaker system and directed the children where to escape.

Three female members who were able to use sign language from the Matsuyama City Fire Fighting Group that was organized with the residents also participated. They asked children who acted as the injured, "Are you all right?", "Is there anything else you feel painful?", etc. in sign language and gave the emergency medical treatment.

Anri Goto (12), a 6th grader, said, "A fire scares me. Today the female member who rescued me was so nice that I felt safe."

Source: Mainichi Shimbun, Nov.7, 2008
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