Deaf group sells handmade products in Nagoya City

"Tsukushi" (meaning a horsetail), a incorporated non-profit organization located in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, has supported activities of Deaf persons who have additional disability such as intellectual disability.

The organization currently works on the production of cosmetics. The sales of handmade cosmetics with natural aromatic started in the "Orange" Cafe, a part of the office of Tsukushi this month.

The Deaf persons with additional disability, who work well with concentration, have worked for three years to product the commodity with a high additional value.

While researching how to make cosmetics, the procedure on a necessary drug legislation for the manufacturing sales was prepared; the sanitary management of workshop, the manufacturing process, and the inspection system were straightened. And finally authorization was obtained this summer.

There are four kinds of products now; the lip cream, skin lotion, soap, and bath oil.

Eight workers aged from twenties to fifties are working three times a week in the workshop.

Until today, most of time the products were sold at the charity bazaar. People who bought some of the products said, "The smell is not too strong which is good." So popular that the members of "Tsukuchi" had been made up to do something for the profits.

In the "Orange" Cafe the products valued from 150 to 800 yen are exhibited to tie to steady earnings.

Eiko Murakami (56), Director of "Tsukushi", is enthusiastic about the project. "We want to make the commodity that can be used many times by learning from the consumer's reaction directly, and to increase the pay and expand work space for the Deaf workers."

Source: Chunichi Shimbun, Nov.12, 2008
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