Living facility for the deaf and blind to be closed next year in Kagoshima Prefecture

A resident facility where deaf children and visually impaired children are living is called "The Sanko Home," located near the Kagoshima Prefectural School for the Deaf in the southern part of Japan.

The Sanko Home was set up according to the Children's Welfare Act. Seven deaf children, aged between five and 18 who live far from the school, currently make the resident facility their home. The professional staff, including day-care takers, support them in daily life and learning.

The Kagoshima Prefecture will close the Home in March, 2009, because the number of children living in the House has decreased.

Recently, a group of four parents appealed at the press meeting in the prefectural government office that the Home should be kept in operation.

As the Prefecture has decided to close the Home next March, the children will have to move to the dormitory of the Kagoshima Prefectural School for the Deaf where 23 students live.

The parents said, "We are worried and not sure whether our children will be taken care enough like the life in the Sanko Home after they transfer to the dormitory."

The parents also demanded the Prefecture to keep the Home open. "If impossible, the school should provide the children in the dormitory with what the Home has done to support them."

Source: Mainichi Shimbun, Oct. 12, 2008

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