Letters of thanks from Sichuan, China stricken by the earthquake, reach the school for the deaf in Yamanashi Prefecure

The large earthquake struck Sichuan in China before the Olympic Games started in Beijing.

"Thank you for support."
"Revive without fail."
"With your warm love, we will do our best."
"We will be certainly all right."

These were written in eight letters of thanks from the Chengdu City special education school, which the prefectural school for the deaf in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture recently received.

Because the Japanese students were glad to receive the letters with drawings of the national flag of Japan and China, heart marks, etc. in vivid color, Masaru Hirose, principal, says, "Our school is expecting to develop it into a new exchange that crosses the waters."

The students who learned the earthquake disaster by news quickly called their friends, parents and related groups for the donation, saying that they wanted to help the people who were in the trouble. The donation of about 166,000 yen was collected and sent with a letter to encourage the victims in July.

The letters of thanks from the Chinese special education school also explained the situation: "There was no student who had done a big injury though all of sudden the ground and mountains shook intensely, and the schoolhouse was destroyed. The letter from Japan not only warmed our mind but also changed the sadness of loss into power." It also said that they wished the friendship would continue in the future.

After having read the letter from China, Mina Aikawa (16), vice chairman of the student body government, said "We were glad that our thoughtfulness was well received."

The letters from China are posted in the schoolhouse. Mihoko Ueno, head teacher, said, "We hope to deepen the friendship exchange by correspondences in the future."

Source: Japanese edition

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