Japanese Federation of the Deaf completes shooting a film in commemoration of its 60th anniversary

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf, located in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, is working on the production of a movie titled "Transferring Leaves" in commemoration of the 60th anniversary since its establishment.

The film was taken in the downtown in Tokyo and has just completed shooting in September. Deaf persons took charge of the production as a director, a screen writer and more than half of casts. The film is expected to be shown next spring.

Ms Eriko Imai (25), who is hearing and a member of SPEED, a popular music group, acted as the former lover of a deaf man. Kentaro Hayase (35), a born-deaf man, was the director and also developed the scenario.

Imai was learning sign language with her deaf son since this spring in the free school that Hayase manages. When asked to act the role, she acceted it at once, saying "I have had a feeling that I wanted to tell deaf children something important."

Yanaka in the downtown was selected a shooting site suitable for the theme. Hayase explained, "I wanted to show an old part of the Showa era (1927-1989) in Tokyo."

As for Imai's acting, he said, "She demonstrated a strength as mother as well as the dignified beauty. The number of those who start learning sign language might increase."

The title of the movie, "Transferring Leaves," is connected to the name of the plant which an old leaf falls after a new leaf goes out. It means to appeal for the value of mutual understanding and communication among persons of a different generation together.

Source:Kyodo News Service and Kyoto Shimbun, Oct. 15, 2008

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