Ishikawa Prefectural School for the Deaf celebrates the 100th anniversary

Ishikawa Prefectural School for the Deaf located in Kanazawa City, a northwestern part of Japan, celebrated its 100th anniversary since the establishment.

The ceremony took place at the school on October 19. About 470 individuals, including the students, parents, and members of the alumni association, joined the celebration.

Kisaku Sakide, principal, gave a speech, saying "We all the staff will make an effort to give a good education to the students to survive through the 21st century."

Representing the students, a high school junior responded by stating, "Every of us will work hard so that our school might prosper in the future."

The middle school students demonstrated the performance with a large Japanese drum (a length of about one meter and in a diameter of 80 cm). It gained a praise from Governor Masanori Tanimoto, one of the special guests. "It was a splendid performance." The middle school students will compete in the Japanese Drum Contest for Junior High Schools on November 23, 2008.

Hiroe Ohashi, a deaf actress and singer, gave a keynote speech. The topic was her own life.

Source: Chunichi Shimbun, Oct. 20

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