Deaf Japanese choreographer interviewed by UK newspaper

The Guardian, one of UK newspapers, issued on October 10, 2008, featured Deaf persons active in their own field. One of them, Ms. Chisato Minamimura from Japan, was interviewed. She is a contemporary dance choreographer and currently lives in London.

For the detail of the interview, click the site:

Also her work was introduced in the TV program aired on September 23, 2008. You can enjoy her work on the video clip, "3 Minute Wonder: The Place Prize 2008 - 2" (about 3 min):


jack said...

The International Exchange Project, called "Touch The World Festival," will be held in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture early, as the news release said.Dame Evelyn Glennie, a well-known Deaf percussionist from UK, will give a keynote speech as well as her performance.


Deaf Japan News said...

Thank you. I have posted about this at: