Cultural Seminar for the Deaf to be held in Tokyo in November

The Cultural Seminar for the Deaf at a unversity level took place at a college in Tokyo a few times a month from May through July, 2008.

The lecturers from the various fields were all Deaf. Both Deaf and hearing individuals attended the seminar, which was conducted throughly in JSL and no interpreting was provided.

It was highly acclaimed and will be held again on November 23-24, 2008.

The tentative topics selected from the last Seminar for this event are as follows:

November 23:

-Dance: Deaf and Dancing
Dr. Sakai Shizuku (dancer, Ph.D in Arts from the Tokyo University of Arts)

-Learning English from the original titles of English films
Masanobu Sano (Translator who won a publishing literature award for his translation of Oiver Sacs' "Seeing Voices-A Journey into the World of the Deaf")

-My Life: This road, that road, and this road yet
Michio Yagi (western-style artist whose works have been admitted to an annual art exhibition since 1980. He has won many awards including the Figaro prize. )

-Sign language play by the Japanese Theater of the Deaf

November 24:

-Social history from a viewpoint of the ancient Roman era
Ami Mori (history researcher and translator)

-DNA, gene, amino acid, and protein
Dr. Akio Suemori (chief researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Ph.D of Agriculture from the University of Tokyo)

-The History of Facsimile Machine
Tomotake Kinoshita (doctor candidate majoring in engineering-social space system at Yokohama National University Graduate School)

-Persons with Disabilities in Developing Countries
Soya Mori (chief researcher and Development School professor of the Institute of Developing Economies )

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