9th World Deaf Golf Championship scheduled in Japan for 2012

The World Deaf Golf Federation held the representative meeting in Perth, Australia on Sept. 28 and decided to hold the 9th World Deaf Golf Championship in Tsu CC, Mie Prefecture in October, 2012. It will be the first championship to take place in Asia.

The World Deaf Golf Championship is held once every two years. The last was held in Perth this year and the next will be in Saint Andrews, UK. There will be individual games and group ones.

Source: http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/golf/headlines/dom_m/20080928-00000056-kyodo_sp-spo.html


The reason why Tsu Country Club in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, was decided as the venue of the 9th World Deaf Golf Championship in 2012 was Tsu CC was evaluated that it has held the annual national sports meeting for persons with disabilities for 14 years.

The rule of deaf golf games is basically the same as that of regular golf ones. However, the ascertainment of OB, etc. is informed with the flag.

Tsu CC has held golf games for persons with disabilities on November 3, a national holiday, every year with the help from volunteers. The Japan Deaf Association asked Tsu CC to be the site for the international deaf golf game, which it consented willingly.

At the representative meeting of the World Deaf Golf Federation held in Perth in Australia at the end of last month, the Japanese representative appealed that Mie Prefecture was the "Hometown of Japan" as the move of a shrine of Ise Jingu Shrine is scheduled in 2013. The invitation from Japan as the host won ten votes from 13 member countries, and thus the invitation was approved.

Shiori Koike, the owner of Tsu CC, is pleased with the result and said that meeting with people was a pleasure. "We will make the Deaf Golf Championship a good one."

Source: The Chunichi Shimbun, Oct. 07, 2008

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