Revised Road Traffic Law Allows Deaf Drivers To Drive Without Hearing Aids

Effective on June 1st, 2008, the revised Road Traffic Law does not require a deaf applicant to take an audiological test to get the driving license.

However, while driving, the deaf driver is required to display a sticker on the front end and the back of a car and to attach the wide mirror as well. When failing these, the penalty of 20,000 yen or less will be fined.

The Police Department announces a new sticker mark for deaf drivers in May, 2008 prior to the efforcement of the revised Law.

The mark arranges with a yellow butterfly in the green tract of land framed in white in the circle of 12.2 cm in the diameter. The reflection material is used so that it be easily identified at night.

Early August, Noboru Yoshihara of Niigata Prefecture became the first deaf person to pass the driving license test without the use of hearing aids. He said he has practiced at a local driving school since the revised law was in effect in June.

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