First Deaf Person Who Passed the Medical License Exam

Kumiko Takezawa, a 25-year-old deaf woman from Otsu in Japan, has passed the medical doctor's license examination this March.

She was the first deaf person since the Medical Practitioners Law was revised in 2001 to allow the deaf and visually impaired persons to take the test.

Takezawa graduated from the Shiga University of Medical Science in the city earlier this year.

Takezawa, whose hometown is Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, lost her hearing for unknown reasons when she was 2 years old.

She attended hearing schools, utilizing hearing aids and lip reading.

Takezawa decided to become a doctor when she was a third-year middle school student. She entered university in 2001.

She said, "when I become a doctor, I may specialize in otolaryngology to help persons with the same disability as mine.

Source: Yomiuri Online

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