English article: Silent voice anime film

Sep 14, 2016


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Interpreting service provided for UNESCO World Heritage spot in Gunma Prefecture

September 10, 2016
Tomioka-shi in Gunma Prefecture and others have begun the business to dispatch a sign language interpreter to Tomioka Silk Mill which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

The interpreting service at a tourist spot is also unusual nationwide, and the spread of such a service across the country is expected.

At Tomioka Silk Mill built in 1872, in front of the old depot of a cocoon, what the guide explained was interpreted into sign language for a Deaf group at the beginning of September.

One person of the group said, "I visited here the fifth time. Thanks to interpreting I was happy I understood very well."

When a reservation is made one month ahead of the tour, an interpreter will be sent from the Gunma Prefecture Federation of the Deaf.

It was the "Sign Language Regulation" carried out in Gunma Prefecture in April, 2015 which made the opportunity for the interpreting service for Deaf visitors.

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Job training facility for the Deaf opens in Yamaguchi Prefecture

September 9, 2016

The job training facility, called "The Violet Hill," which supports work training mainly for the Deaf was opened in Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, a part of western Japan on September 1. (photo)

The facility was remodeled from the building of kindergarten which was closed in March and was opened. 23 Deaf persons have registered as the user at present.

Out of six staffs, three are a sign language interpreter. The main communication methods are sign language and writing. Also six light systems put in six places including a hallway in the facility will light to warn an emergency.

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Deaf students help medical checkup rate improvement

Students of the Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama School for the Deaf in western Japan played a part in consultation rate improvement of the specific healthy examination in Kainan-shi.

Two students who learn nail art in a barber training set up the booth in a meeting place of the specific medical checkup held at Kainan Health Welfare Center on September 3 and gave nail art to every visitor. (photo)

City healthy department officials said, "We received a good response from everyone who participated in the event. Such as communicating by sign language, it was the friendly atmosphere."

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Hearing man arrested for abusing emergency system for the Deaf

September 7, 2016

Chiba Center Police Office arrested Terada Shuhei, a restaurant worker aged 20 Chiba-shi near Tokyo on September 7, 

Terada has been suspected to abuse the emergency 110 system intended for a Deaf/deaf person who has a cellular phone or smart phone, by giving a false report.

Trerada used the emergency email 110 system operated by 
 Chiba Prefecture Police on July 23, emailing the the false report that arson had happened, which resulted that policemen and a fire department staff were dispatched, interfered with their business.

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