Karate champion with disability and two masters behind her success

    Aika Arakaki (center)
November 25, 2016


The 23-aged Deaf woman, Aika Arakaki practices karate while working at a confectionery factory in Naha, near Osaka.  

In October, she won for the first the Women’s Individual Kata in the Persons with Physical Disabilities Division (Deaf/Hard of Hearing) at the 12th All Japan Karatedo Championships for Persons with Disabilities. Behind her success are her two masters.


Life saving device approved with "ear mark" by hard of hearing group

November 14, 2016

"Ear mark" (photo: green) shows hearing disability, promoted by the National League of Hard of Hearing and Deafened in order to spread recognition about hearing impairment in the public aiming at comfortable social realization. 

The "Ear mark" has been allowed by the League on October 11, 2016 to be used on an automated external defibrillator (AED) sold by the Japan Lifeline Corporation (headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) as it was designed to fit the needs of a person with hearing impairment. (photo)

When using AED, any person with hearing impairment can follow certainly by the pictures shown on the body of the device, a lamp flash and a use procedure manual.

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Princess attends national junior high school opinion contest

November 13, 2016

The "National Junior High School Opinion Contest" that a junior high school student remarks through a daily experience was held in Tokyo on November 13. Princess Kako, the second daughter of Prince and Princess Akishinonomiya attended, too. (photo)

Twelve junior high school students chosen from the applicants across Japan gave their own opinion at the 38th contest this year.

The welfare and concerning with a person with disabilities as  theme were most presented. The boy who was a first-year  student stated with sign language from his own experience with his Deaf grandparents who took care of him: "It is necessary not to regard a disability as special, but to accept each other." 

The girl who was a third-year student used sign language, too when making an opinion. "I accept my hearing impairment as the individuality and believe communicating with a person is important." She was chosen the best at the event.

Princess Kako, who has learned sign language and attended a national high school sign language performance contest, was listening to opinion of each junior high school student eagerly.

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National high school lunch contest held in Shimane Prefecture

November 12, 2016

The National High School  Packed Lunch Contest was held at Matsue-shi in the prefecture, part of western Japan on November 12. 

It was the event with which high school teams competed to pack lunch using local specialties and a recipe in Shimane Prefecture. A theme of the contest was "Packed lunch with the rice that makes the locals happy".

Hokkaido Mikasa High School (Mikasa-shi, Hokkaido) won the first place (picture). Coming out second best were two teams including Tokyo Metropolitan Katsushika School for the Deaf.

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Tottori Earthquake: contribution donated from entry schools in sign language contest

November 12, 2016

Some schools, who participated in the 3rd National High School Sign Language Contest held at Kurayoshi-shi, Tottori Prefecture in September, donated or sent a letter of cheers for the people hit by an earthquake on November 21.

"We'd like to do something for Tottori Prefecture." 
"Please come back as it was used to be as soon as possible."

The colored paper full of words of an encouragement reached the Prefecture Office in the end of October. Nine students of the Tokyo Metropolitan School for the Deaf who participated in the contest for the first time wrote their thoughts and wishes for reconstruction.

The officials concerned feel thankful for what these students did through a connection with the national contest. 

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