Deaf man reduces "invisible wall" - "I don't escape from hearing difficulties"

Nakama (second from left)
May 22, 2017

Nakama Masahito, 39, who takes charge of decision processing on campus and managing of a document and an official seal at Okinawa Science Technology University Graduate School is Deaf since birth. 

While at all workplaces, an office work contact often depends on an e-mail, what Nakama tries to do is to meet and tell the person concerned directly.

In the communication, if there is something like a "wall" even a little, Nakama doesn't escape from there, but stands with the concerned person. 

Nakama went to the Prefecture Okinawa School for the Deaf which was in Naha-shi in 1980 's. He learned how to speak at school. He says, "The lip reading that I learned at school is the biggest treasure for me." 

Nakama attended a hearing school from an elementary school through the high school, and entered Tsukuba Technology College, majoring in architectural engineering. After graduating, he worked in the field of architecture design at a building company in Tokyo, Nagano and Fukuoka and others, returning to Okinawa in 2007.

Nakama was hired by Okinawa Science Technology University in 2010. He has been trusted by a staff with disabilities, whom he hears their worries and giving advise.

Nakama also tries to make the people around him understand himself through interchanging, such as using time of the lunch break, he teaches sign language to a colleague. (photo)

Nakama commented,  "I would like to do positively to make the society where people, regardless of disabilities, are able to work together."

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Training material for promotion of sign language at school published by Education Board in Chiba Prefecture

May 19, 2017

Chiba Prefecture Education Board, located near Tokyo, published the material which will be used for the sign language training in promotion of sign language at school on May 18.

The training material explains basic idea and a policy of the law related to a person with disabilities including discriminatory prohibition regulations and the prefecture policy as well as consideration of a person who is Deaf or hearing impaired.

As the special quality of the hearing impaired person and consideration are mentioned:
- Dissemination of visual information such as the characters and figures.
- Communicate according to the need of the person who are Deaf/deaf such as sign language, summary note-taking and writing.
- Confirm whether the contents of communication are clearly understood.
- Keep the distance to see the move of the mouth, etc. clearly.

The important points when using sign language are mentioned:
- Convey what you want to tell in a place where one can see clearly.
- The use of facial expression is important.
- Use voice also while signing.
- Understand sign language can be expressed in several ways. 
Easy sign language expressions and the explanation of a manual alphabet are also included.

The material for a workshop can be used such as a sliding material, copy distribution for participants and a notebook.

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Major life insurer to get credit of manners in customer special quality

President (front) spoke, "While being on a wheelchair, 
I understood how a person with disabilities feel". 
May 19, 2017

To practice of behavior in an effort to meet the needs of a client with disabilities,  about 7,200 executives and regular employees including the president of Daido Life Insurance aim to acquire the "universal official approval third class of manners" which Japanese Universal Manners Society sponsors.

According to the society, attendance by the staff will be the largest. The seminar will be held seven times until February, 2018. 

The first lecture was held at the Tokyo headquarters on May 1 through a video conference system from Osaka headquarters and branch offices across Japan with 1,800 persons.

The persons who have acquired the third class are 26,000 so far according to the Society, and the number of enterprises and organizations has reached 400.

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First official Deaflympics support theme song completed
May 19, 2017

The Deaflympics will be held on July 18-30, 2017 in Samsung, Turkey.

The first Deaflympic support theme song, "HERO", which was officially recognized by Japanese Federation of the Deaf, was shown on May 19 through a music video trailer animation.

The song is performed by a dancing group "HANDSIGN" and others who express lyrics by sign language.


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Slow spread of mobile emergency reporting system for persons with disabilities introduced in Akita
May 17, 2017

Akita-shi is using "Web 119 Emergency Reporting System" for a person with disability including Deaf persons (photo), the only city in Akita Prefecture located in northern part of Japan.

The Fire-Defence Agency has suggested introduction of "Web 119 emergency reporting system" to a fire fighting head office in the whole country, which was introduced in Akita at the time of its system renewal in April, 2016.

Registrants for one year are 28. The registration number is stagnating because 
it appears difficult for the person unused with the Internet. There are some ideas on how to improve the mobile system such like pushing one button to call for emergency report. 

Fire-Defence Agency officials say that about 20 percent which introduced the mobile emergency system at a fire fighting head office across Japan. It can be inconvenient for a Deaf person who goes out for travel or work outside the area of the fire fighting head office, unable to use the mobile emergency system. 

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